четверг, 26 января 2012 г.

Kleopatra IADR#846421


 is a one of a kind polymer art doll. I use only polymer clay and bake them accordingly to the manufacturers’ instructions . It is an entirely sculpted by hand without using any molds by the artist and no molds are made of her , thus it’s really the only one of its kind in the entire world.
Standing she will be an 8" ( 20cm) sculpture.
Here eyes were painted by me (the artist) and the color is blac .They are not computer generated, they reflect the light like a real eye. They are with real eyelashes.
Here soft hair is made of Tibetan Mohair.
Her skin is painted with genesis oil paint and properly sealed.

                         She would make a beautiful centre piece for any home.
It comes with the base she is pictured with. The base is silver plated tableware and have own Certificate Coverage is silk and.painted by the artist.
Her jewelry is removable, they are made of polymer clay and reinforced with wire.
It is removable and will be packed separately.
She is coming with a signed, numbered & dated color photo Certificate of Authenticity (COA) She is registered with the International Art Doll Registery & her IADR##85984 will also be on her COA. She will be very carefully packed ship & ping insurance is included in the shipping cost, after sending you the parcel I will email you the barcode which will enable you to track your purchase Do not hesitate to contact me for details and to know shipping costs for your Country. The sculpture will be shipped within 3 days after the payment is received .
 Thank you for watching!

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